Juan José Nuñez Founder - CEO
Juan Durañona y Vedia Founder - Chief Strategy Officer
Javier Ortiz de Artiñano Founder - Chief Crypto Busieness Officer
Alejandro Carrano Founder - Chief Marketing Officer

Operations Team

Tomás Gonzalez Arata Forest Management
Marcelo Taboada Director of Certifications and Sustainable Development
Fernando Colombini Administrative procedures: Certifications
Pablo Gallardo Community relations
Guillermo Colella Community relations
Gonzalo Godoy Photogrammetric Reconnaissance Aerial
Gerardo Barreto Intendancy Field
Guillermo Videla Field operations
Martin Couchot Community relations
Sofia Rodriguez Community relations
Claudio Esteban Physical and patrimonial security
Carlos Cabanes Physical and patrimonial security

IT Team

Leonardo Espinosa IT Infrastructure
Maximiliano Correa Blockchain and Senior Backend Development
Andrés Juarez GIS Developer
Jose Rios Frontend Developer
Ariel Robles Graphic Design
Lorena Macedo IT Support
Emanuel Sanchez UX/UI Designer

Marketing Team

Daniela Delgado Press and Text Content
Pablo Pintor Audiovisual Content Production
Nicolas Lovito Audiovisual Design - 3D Animation
Patricio Franco Marketing Strategist & Frontend Developer
Cristian Hausch Marketing Operations Specialist
Sebastián Vecchione Visual Content

Comercial Team

Cristian Costantini Direct commercial management
Máxima Perez Quesada New business
Hernán Aycaguer Financial Management
Facundo Fernández Digital asset management and Exchange

Legal, Administration and HR Team

Claudia Moray Environmental Law
Andrés Pérsico Administration
Lorena Strobbe Pellegrini Human Resources Director
Hernan Alonso Expansion Department


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