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GBM has an interdisciplinary team with more than 60 professionals including anthropologists, sociologists, agronomists, lawyers specialized in certification and programmers, among other disciplines. The team, with presence in 4 countries, aims to be a major player in the fight against climate change.

Verifiability and transparency

We are still in time to prevent
life extintion

Global temperature

+3°C Projected 2030.

+1.1°C 2021 increase YoY

(Source: PNUMA)




Extreme deforestation

13.7M hectares are deforested per year


150 Species go extinct every day.

(Source: CBD, ONU)


GBM`s real-world intervention begins with the selection of land based on specific eligibility criteria (title, free occupancy, active exploitation and environmental conditions). Once selected, the field is subjected to pre-feasibility assessments to determine the feasibility for carbon credits that follow the most rigorous certification standards established by internationally recognized certifiers, including the preparation of a forest inventory, biodiversity inventory and field work with the neighboring communities.

To digitize the land under regeneration, GBM developed in-house software to segment the field into hexagons, each representing a one-square meter surface area, which in turn constitute the basic unit for traceability and marketing. For this purpose, the dissection method of cadastral designation was applied; this entails organizing vectors in a set with a single central point where a coordinate is determined and identification is made based on non-relational databases.

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